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Swim England TRY Funding is available to all Swim England affiliated discipline clubs/sections; Open Water, Synchronised Swimming and Water Polo. The key focus is on growing club membership using existing pool space or by expanding pool time to offer new aquatic activity.

Successful projects will aim to link with local operators, community groups, swim schools and swimming clubs to create a pathway into the relevant discipline club/section.

If  your club is applying for this funding and is not currently SwimMark accredited, there will be an expectation to achieve SwimMark within 12 months of the funding award. This is to demonstrate that the club has a sustainable model and effective processes in place.

The Programme

Discipline Clubs have the opportunity to apply for small grants to support their delivery of new activity.
The investment can be spent on the following areas:

- Facility Hire
- Coaching Costs
- Staff Training
- Certificates/ Awards 
- Basic Equipment Costs
- Marketing

The Application Process

Funding will be allocated following an open application process. Any discipline club/section; Open Water, Synchronised Swimming and Water Polo is eligible to apply for funding.

A recognised club committee member from within the club/section will be responsible for completing an online application form. The form will be comprised of a series of sections, each of which is required.

Section 1: Applicant club details

Section 2: Details of person authorised to complete the application

Section 3: Project details 

Section 4: Sustainability of club activity

Following the closure of the process all applications will be reviewed and all applicants will be notified of their success or otherwise. Applications will be assessed on the level of impact of the investment and the potential to attract and retain new participants.

Please direct any enquiries to your relevant National Development Officer

Open Water, Sharon Lock                             sharon.lock@swimming.org
Synchronised Swimming Sarah Darragh    sarah.darragh@swimming.org
Water Polo, Andy Fuller                                andy.fuller@swimming.org