GCSE Subjects

The following subjects make up the Core Subjects:

• English (Language and Literature)

• Mathematics

• Modern Foreign Language (ESL, French, German, Mandarin or Spanish)
(Pupils who speak English as a second language can opt for ESL rather than French, German, Mandarin or Spanish.)

Science (All pupils will do Dual Award Science unless they opt for Triple Award Science in the options. Both routes can prepare pupils for further study in science and are taught as separate sciences but Dual Award yields two GCSEs rather than three.)

• A Humanity (Geography or History)
Option Subjects

Option 1: Business Studies / Design and Technology / Extra English and Mathematics / German / Physical Education / Triple Award Science

Option 2: Art / Business Studies / Design and Technology / Drama / History / Latin / Music

Option 3: Art / Computer Science / Drama / French / Physical Education
My GCSE Option Choices:

* Name:

* Core Subject Choices:

English (Language and Literature)


* Modern Foriegn Language:

* Science

* Humanity: