1. Introduction


We are Global Child Forum, a non-profit foundation based in Sweden. We work with many companies around the world and encourage them to consider children’s rights in their business. We inform their thinking and actions by writing reports, convening meetings, and developing tools to help improve their business operations and respect children’s rights. 

This year, we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary. To mark this milestone, we are publishing a White Paper report that will identify the top ten children’s rights and business issues that require urgent attention from companies now and within the coming years.

To ensure our report will be based on evidence, we're consulting different types of people through online surveys. For example, children (aged 11 years and older) and child rights advocates. In addition, we'll be consulting company representatives, government officials, researchers and many more individuals. We strongly believe that everyone’s view needs to be heard!

We hope you will complete our survey. We recognise that your time is precious, so we've limited the survey to three questions only. It will ask you which child-focused issues you think certain industry sectors should focus on, what actions you think they should take, and what you think will be key concerns for the future. 

Fear not! If you're not sure about a particular industry sector, just select the [Don't know] option. There's no right or wrong answer! We just want to hear your views. We'll also ask two general questions; which country you're from (as this is a global survey) and the type of organisation you represent. In total, it should take only 5 minutes to complete.

If you’re happy to start it now, please accept our heartfelt thanks, and select [Next] to get going!

Best wishes,
Global Child Forum