S106 Developer Contributions

Eynsham Parish Council seek your views on the following community projects that are aimed to offset the impact of future development (in accordance with Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan Appendix B (H)). 

Please indicate whether you agree/disagree with these projects.  A text section at the end of the survey is available for any other projects you would like to be considered. The survey is divided into subject areas as follows:-

Community & Culture - Questions 1 - 8 
Education - Question 9
Green Infrastructure - Questions 10 - 12
Sport & Recreation - Questions - 13
Transport & Movement - Questions 14 - 15

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* 1. Community Development

Additional part time Council support for (1) administration of planning matters/communications with new and existing residents and (2) revision of Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan. Cost is to been calculated on scales determined by the National Joint Council for Local Government Services on a pro rata basis.

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* 2. Public Realm Projects - Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan refers. 

(ENP Appendix B (A)) Improved parking for residents and visitors in the historic village centre.

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* 3. (ENP Appendix B (B)) Implementation of traffic management and cycle path projects within the parish.

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* 4. (ENP Appendix B (C)) Creating an attractive feature of the village entrances and of the approach to the business area along Stanton Harcourt Road.

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* 5. (ENP Appendix B (D)) Consideration given to purchasing assets of community value where appropriate to protect them from development.

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* 6. (ENP Appendix B (E)) Improved Street Scene especially near Spar, Harris’s Corner and Library.

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* 7. (ENP Appendix B (F)) Providing facilities at new allotment sites.

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* 8. Appendix B (G) Contribution towards Eynsham Museum Fund.  Sum sought £250,000.

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* 9. Education 

Eynsham Community Primary School

Contribution towards maintenance of swimming pool in addition to other costs to be determined and requested by Oxfordshire County Council.

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* 10. Green Infrastructure


The Fishponds is a public open space with Public Right of Way 206/3 through the site. It is an archaeological area being part of the historic Eynsham Abbey, valued for its wildlife and is located in the Conservation Area. The area is a widely used for pond dipping, paddling and picnics as well as routine walks. Further information can be found here.

Improvements requiring funding:-
100m Flow-out channel to be widened and puddled with clay to improve flow -  £20,000
Replacement boardwalk and bridge with UPVC alternative - £25,000
Re-create sluice gate - £5,000
300m drystone replacement wall - £25000
Total £50,000

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* 11. Play Areas

10 Year Playground Planning
Refurbishment of Dovehouse Close 'Come & Play'
Refurbishment of Old Witney Road
Refurbishment of Oxford Road
Annual maintenance at £10,000 per play area per year

Skate Park
Extension of skate park including ancillary amenities

Creation of two outdoor gym spaces across village
Old Witney Road
Oxford Road

Community events - Contribution towards annual community play events and improvements to amenities.

Funding request to be based on [number of new homes] x £818 per home - calculation below refers.

Planning Application S106 £ No. of homes £ per home
16/01353/OUT - Freeland 33538 41 818
16/01054/OUT - Stanton Harcourt 40900 50 818
15/03148/OUT - Thornbury Road 130880 160 818
Average £ per home     818

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* 12. Burial Ground 

Land and funds towards the provision of a new community Burial Ground.

Funding request to be based on [number of new homes] x £309 per home - calculation below refers.

Planning Application  S106 £ No. of homes £ per home
08/1341/P/FP - Swinford Green 30000 100 300
17/01859/OUT - Dovecote Park 40000 126 317
Average £ per home     309

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* 13. Sport & Recreation

Replacement Sports Pavilion, Oxford Road

Eynsham’s Sports Pavilion needs replacing due to its basic design, energy inefficient and below standard facilities. The Council has appointed local architects to draft plans and obtain planning permission – this work is nearing completion.  (Plans are available at here). 

The designs include 2 sets of disability-compliant changing rooms designed to Football Association standards with separate referee facilities and secure storage areas. A lift to the first floor leads to a community meeting space comparable in size to the main hall at Eynsham Village Hall, a smaller meeting room, a generous (commercial) kitchen, toilets and a balcony overlooking Oxford Road Playing Field South.

The building will be built to a high energy efficient standard as per legislation for new community buildings and will provide access for pedestrians/cyclists directly from Oxford Road and from the car park.

It is anticipated that the building will be hired by local groups for art, cookery and indoor sports/exercise classes as well as those wishing to hold wedding receptions/family occasions who may be located more further afield in Oxfordshire as well as in the Parish. Installation of a 3G Astroturf pitch with lighting will attract a wide variety of sports groups thereby ensuring the Pavilion is used throughout the year.

Oxford Road Playing Fields - Astroturf pitch (3G standard) with fencing and floodlighting to enable all year round use.

Both projects are subject to appropriate permissions being granted.

Funding request to be based on [number of new homes] x £1095 per home - calculation below refers.

Planning Application  S106 £ No. of homes £ per home
16/01353/OUT - Freeland  44608  41  1088
16/01054/OUT - Stanton Harcourt  54400  50  1088
14/1234/P/OP - Long Hanborough   187590 169  1110
Average £ per home     1095

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* 14. Transport & Movement 

Highway Network Improvements

Contribution towards Eynsham’s highway improvement projects and public realm projects as per The Urbanists Report 2017. Eynsham’s roads/footpaths are going to be even more heavily used. It is anticipated that the recommendations made in the Urbanists Report (total £282,060) will help to keep vehicle speeds low and aid public safety. The need for additional measures may become apparent when assessing vehicle speeds throughout the project and will be pursued on the recommendation of Oxfordshire County Council Officers.

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* 15. Public Transport

Contribution towards bus services between Eynsham, the Garden Village, Witney and Hanborough. Cost to be determined and requested by Oxfordshire County Council.

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* 16. Please use this space to detail any other projects you would like to be considered.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.  The results will be published online and in Eynsham News soon. Please contact the Clerk (epc.clerk@eynsham-pc.gov.uk) should you have any queries.