We need your help to measure the impact of the forestry sector on the British economy

The Forestry sector is key to the British economy, yet data on its economic benefits is fragmented and patchy at best.  Scottish Forestry in partnership with the Forestry Commission and the Welsh Government has appointed Frontline and our partners to lead a GB wide survey to gather the data required to present a comprehensive assessment.  This survey should take 10-20mins to complete.

As this is an economic impact assessment you will need access to employee numbers, costs and turnover figures.  All replies will be treated in confidence with no disclosure of information relating to your business. Your information will only be used for the purpose of the impact assessment.

For Frontline’s privacy policy see: (privacy policy).

All questions relate to your accounting year where 2019 comprised the majority of months.  We are using this time period so as not to be focussed on COVID impacts but to give a good representation of the sector in "normal" times.

Please answer as accurately as possible to the nearest £1,000 and 0.25 full time equivalent (FTE) jobs.  If the answer is zero please put in zero, if not applicable please leave blank.

If your business is not only forestry related (e.g. a farm or haulage operation not related to forestry is also operated), please limit your survey response to the forestry and timber related activities.

If you have any queries on how to complete the form, please email us on forestry.surveysupport@frontlinemc.com.