We want to know about what you think of Centre 33. This is so we can improve and change in the future to meet your needs.

This is completely confidential, so be honest!

* When you came to Centre 33 were you made to feel welcome?

* When you came to Centre 33 do you feel your views and worries were taken seriously?

* When you came to Centre 33 did you feel listened to?

* What do you think is good about Centre 33?

* Is there anything you don't like about Centre 33 or you think needs improving? 

* Is there anything you think we should change - please tell us your suggestions....

* Are there any other services you think Centre 33 should provide?

* If you met a young person who was facing the same issue that orginally brought you here, would you suggest to them that they come to Centre 33?

Thank you. We will use your feedback to improve the services we provide at Centre 33.