What is this survey for, and why should I take part?

There are around 500 local groups, organisations and charities operating and supporting individuals and the community of Thurrock.  They contribute to the economy, infrastructure and more importantly the lives of our residents and neighbours.  Each year Thurrock CVS demonstrates to the public, statutory partners and commissioners the value and worth you all bring in an impact study.  There is so much great work and peoples time that is given to support Thurrock, it is vital we try and get a clear picture of how important it is and that it is recognised and celebrated.  Please try and answer every question and consider giving us the opportunity to showcase the work you are doing by sending us a case study.  Along with this survey, Thurrock CVS also offer support for your group with training, membership, discounted business services, guidance and funding advice.  Please contact us to sign up to our newsletter or just to have a chat about how we can be of any assistance.