Welcome to our biggest ever survey. We value your time and input: we have several prizes to offer!

Our aim: "Developing Climbers through Quality Coaching"
Here at the National Indoor Climbing Award Schemes (NICAS) we would like your help. We want to know what works, what doesn't work, why you run NICAS and NIBAS - or why you don't. Please allow up to 15 minutes to give yourself time to complete our survey.

This survey follows on from one we ran in 2016 which was wide ranging and was answered by climbers, parents, wall staff and school and group leaders. Based on the results, we have since reviewed our scheme content for our roped climbing syllabus and rolled out a new website and new candidate database. 

In this 2018/19 survey our focus is on gaining deeper insight into what we do and what we offer from a customer perspective (whether current customer or not). We are keen to hear from wall owners, managers, climbing coaches, teachers, and other key contacts involved with climbing delivery.

Thank you for your help. (NB: the prize draw for survey respondents is now closed. Nonetheless we really appreciate your feedback).