Girls’ Brigade is developing a new set of resources for 18-30s as part of its Esther Collective Communities. Help us to make these fun and relevant to you and your peers. There are some questions below about what the resources are about and how they approach different topics. Please take some time to fill them out; we would love to hear your thoughts.

Please note: this survey is for women aged 18-30s only.

* 1. Each of Girls’ Brigade’s current resources has a strapline, which reflects the age-group that the resource is for. For example:
*Our 4-8s’ resource strapline is ‘join the journey’ because it helps these children know Jesus and to understand how He wants them to live their lives.
*Our 10-14s’ resource strapline is meeting real life head on’ because it introduces skills and issues which really matter to the young people.
We want to choose a strapline for our 18-30s resource that speaks just as powerfully about and to this generation.
Choose your favourite strapline from the list below and tell us why you like it.

* 2. Do you have your own suggested strapline? We would love to hear it and why you think it sums up this generation!

* 3. Which of the following approaches do you prefer? Please order them with 1 being your favourite and 4 being your least favourite.

* 4. Each resource will be made up of a number of different features and activities, which the group can pick and choose from each time they meet. Please choose your favourite 3 features from the list below, and add your own suggestions too.

* 5. What style of resource would you prefer:

* 6. Who should we produce resources for? Please select all that apply.

* 7. To help cover the costs (equipping facilitators, producing resources, supporting groups etc.) we are looking at different finance models. Which of the following money models would you prefer?

* 8. If you were part of an 18-30s group that received 4 resources per year, and regular support from the Girls’ Brigade Support Centre, how much would you be willing to contribute each year in order to be a part of this group?

* 9. Would you want to be part of an 18-30s pilot group to trial a resource? If yes, please leave your details below and we will be in touch soon. (We are looking to have a focus group at Girls’ Brigade’s Autumn Conference in Birmingham on 4 November.)

* 10. Do you have any additional comments?

Thank you for completing our survey. Please click 'OK' and then 'Done' to save your answers.

Thank you for completing our survey. Please click 'OK' and then 'Done' to save your answers.