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The Gielgud Academy of Performing Arts (GAPA) was established in 2011. It is now considered to be the leading part time performing arts school in Sussex offering a professional training in Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre to its 300 pupils, who range from the ages of 3 to 18. Much of GAPA’s success can be attributed to its professional faculty of highly qualified teachers who have enjoyed successful careers in the performing arts industry.  GAPA’s dedication to achieving high standards has resulted in outstanding examination results and recognition within the locality and across the UK. GAPA has been resident in the excellent, purpose built, performing arts facilities at the Hayward’s Heath campus of the Central Sussex College (The Hub) for the last 5 years.

Following consultation with West Sussex County Council (WSCC) and the Department for Education, we are now fully committed to addressing the urgent need in the Mid Sussex area for more Primary, Secondary and 6th Form school provision.

The Gielgud Academy is proposing to become an all-through School for children aged 5 -18, to provide an outstanding academic provision with a specialism in the Arts (Music, Dance, Drama, Art, Media and Technology). It will build on GAPA's current reputation of excellence to provide a unique opportunity for young people from all backgrounds in the community, to come together in pursuit of high academic achievement and artistic excellence. This creative spirit, drive and passion for excellence, provided in a safe, supportive learning environment where people are valued, will generate a strong sense of community and belonging throughout the school and beyond.

We aim to be one of the best schools in the country, renowned for not only its academic and artistic excellence, but also for developing the next generation of responsible young professionals. Our students will be able to realise their potential, nurture their talents and become confident, self-motivated citizens with enquiring minds, who are prepared for the constantly increasing challenges of our ever-changing world. The Gielgud Academy will be at the heart of the Mid Sussex community working closely with its neighbours to improve the educational outcomes for all in the area.

We will offer a broad and balanced curriculum that stretches and challenges, leading to inspiration and fulfillment for every student. The National Curriculum subjects will be taught by a team of dedicated teachers, recruited by our Academic Heads, who will work alongside the Performing Arts Principal cohesively, to ensure outstanding learning.

Sixth Form provision at the Gielgud Academy will be the mainstream academic core subjects, alongside the creative and performing arts courses that will lead and prepare students to either go on to further study at degree level or to start working in their chosen industry. Alongside the performance elements of the arts, we will also offer courses for students who are more interested in the technical side of the industry: film and TV production, stage management and design, sound, lighting, set design, fashion and costume design and computer design, coding and technology.
Our aim is to establish the all-through school as a centre of excellence in the Hub's purpose built outstanding facilities which include a theatre, dance, drama and music studios. It will fully serve the educational needs of the Mid Sussex community and deliver a learning experience that leads to successful and fulfilling careers for all of our pupils. GAPA is blessed by the support of BBC TV and radio presenter Katie Derham and its high profile patrons including Dame Beryl Grey and Dame Gillian Lynne. We are now looking for the support of local parents and wider members of the community across the Sussex area, to help us establish an interest in the provision of this exciting and visionary all-through free school.

* 1. Do you currently have a child or children in, or about to enter, mainstream education? If so what provision will they be needing in September 2017?
(Multiple answers accepted)

* 2. Does your child have an interest in any of the performing or visual arts?
ie. Music, Drama, Dance, Art, Photography, Film making, Creative Media or IT 

* 3. We believe there is an urgent need for more Primary School places in Sussex. Do you agree?

* 4. In the light of the impending closure in 2017, of the Central Sussex College Haywards Heath Campus (The Hub) as well as the growing number of new houses in the Mid Sussex area, we believe that there will be an increased need for both Secondary and Sixth Form provision. Do you agree?
(Multiple answers accepted)

* 5. We believe that the wider Sussex community will greatly benefit from the creation of an all-through free school that is a high achieving academic centre of excellence, with the creative and performing arts at it's core. Do you agree and will you support the creation of this school?

* 6. The Hub in Haywards Heath has purpose built, professional grade Performing Arts facilities, as well as being a new, well designed and brilliantly equipped academic learning environment. We believe the building would be put to the best and most practical use, by an all through academic school with a specialism in high quality performing arts provision. Do you agree?

* 7. The bid will be submitted in September 2016 and we will know by early 2017 if we have been successful. Current free school applications are geared towards opening in September 2018. However, because of an identified urgent need for Primary School places in Mid Sussex, it has been indicated that we would be supported in opening our primary school in September 2017. Due of the timing of the announcements of successful bids (early 2017), it would not be possible to request a place at the primary school via the usual West Sussex County Council Schools Admissions process. Therefore, we urge anyone interested in sending their children to our school to register your interest by completing their details below so we can keep you fully appraised of ongoing developments and reserve a potential place at the school.

The Dance Studio at the Hub

The Dance Studio at the Hub