Why are we consulting?
Buckinghamshire's Household Recycling Centre Service needs to change so that we can continue to provide a high quality service from April 2019, when we’ll have less money to spend. The service needs to reduce spending by approximately £1.2 million. To help us develop plans for a future service, our extensive review analysed data on how and when our household recycling sites are used, looked at results from our annual customer feedback survey, examined what other councils across the country are doing and considered what residents said during recent discussion groups about our household recycling centres. Full details of exactly what we’ve done can be found at and we recommend you take a look at that information.

What are we proposing?
Based on the amount of money we have available to spend on the service from April 2019, and the findings from our review, we are proposing to:
  • Reduce the number of opening days at our Aylesbury (Rabans Lane), Burnham and Chesham sites, from 7 days a week down to 5
  • Close down completely one site, perhaps two sites
  • Introduce charges at all sites for some types of waste
  • Consider charging residents from outside Bucks for disposing of all waste types at our sites, or preventing them using our sites altogether
What are we consulting on?
We are asking residents for their views about:
  • Which two weekdays it would it be better to close Aylesbury (Rabans Lane), Burnham and Chesham sites
  • Whether to close one site or two
  • Our preferred option for one site to close would be Bledlow
  • Our preferred option for two sites to close would be Bledlow & Burnham
  • Whether to charge residents from outside Buckinghamshire for using our sites, stop them using the sites altogether or continue to allow the same access as Bucks residents
Please read the supporting information provided here and take a few moments to complete this consultation survey.

The information provided in this survey will help us understand the views of different people living around the county. Please be assured that all the information you provide will only be used for the purposes of this consultation, will be kept confidential and will be stored securely in line with data protection laws.

Thank you.