Arts Fresco 2017

Please help us learn more about your experience and fill in this questionnaire. Anything you tell us will be kept anonymous and only be used for research purposes. The information will be held by Arts Fresco Ltd and destroyed as required by the law.

* 1. Have you visited Arts Fresco before?

* 2. If yes, when did you visit Arts Fresco?

* 3. Are you visiting ...?

* 4. If "with family" or "with friends", how many in your party (you included)?

* 5. Overall, how would you rate Arts Fresco 2017?

* 6. Would you recommend Arts Fresco to other people?

* 7. How did you find out about Arts Fresco?

* 8. Is there anything you'd like to say about Arts Fresco, good or bad?

* 9. Which was your favourite act at Arts Fresco 2017?

* 10. Which of the following arts/heritage events have you visited in the last 12 months?

* 11. In the last 12 months, how far did you travel to attend an art event?

* 13. What is your age?

* 14. Do you consider yourself disabled?

* 15. How much money did you spend in town at Arts Fresco 2017?

* 16. How far did you travel to come to Arts Fresco 2017?