Please could you spare a few minutes to complete this survey to help the school develop

* 1. Your child enjoys boarding?

* 2. The staff in boarding cater for your child’s dietary needs

* 3. You have regular communication with the boarding staff

* 4. The staff in boarding keep your child safe

* 5. Boarding staff keep you regularly informed of progress

* 6. The school deals well with any cases of bullying

* 7. This school makes sure its students are well behaved

* 8. This school deals with bullying effectively

* 9. Boarding staff treat you and your child with respect

* 10. Your child is able to maintain hobbies and interests

* 11. Boarding has helped your child access education and make progress

* 12. Additional comments and suggestions

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, your comments are valued by the school