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Building a successful future on 2,000 years of history

Welcome to Worcester City Council’s budget consultation for the financial year 2018/19.

We all want a city that is prosperous, accessible, diverse, inclusive and makes the most of its heritage; with great opportunities for work, leisure, sport and tourism alongside a quality of life that is attractive to all.

The City Council is the only organisation exclusively dedicated to serving Worcester’s 102,338 residents, but we face tough decisions as we consider how your money should be spent.

We want to hear about what you think our budget priorities should be in 2018/19.

The Council needs to reduce costs and increase income because of the reductions in our grant from central Government. We have a programme of efficiencies that will save nearly £3 million over the next three years; however we will still need to generate income to maintain our services to you.

Total Funds: £21.7m

This consultation will form an important part of the council’s challenging work in preparing its budget for 2018/19.

The deadline for responses is 24 November 2017. All responses are confidential and none of your information will be passed on to third parties. Alternative versions are available on request.

Thanks for taking part and giving us your views.
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