The Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) Artificial Intelligence Initiative seeks your input to create the ‘go to’ Directory of AI in Health and Social Care in England.

By taking part in this short survey you will help us to showcase how AI is being used in healthcare and preventative health, and highlight barriers and enablers to its effective development. The project’s aim is to develop and drive innovation and adoption of AI technology throughout health and social care, improving care at less cost and promoting healthy lifestyles.

As part of this work, we are particularly keen to hear of AI case studies that could have a short-term impact, especially in the area of diagnostics.

Benefits of participation:

- Publicity for your organisation or project.
 We will be orchestrating extensive press and PR for the launch of the AI Map and report, including highlighting game-changing individuals and technologies.

- Inform government policy and our AHSN AI offer. We are particularly interested in hearing your ideas on potential solutions, which could address known policy, organisational delivery and funding issues. All feedback shared publicly from the thought leadership section of the questionnaire will be anonymised.

- Connect with others. Survey participants will be offered the opportunity to join others interested in learning from each other and collaborating on AI for health and care, including participation in a range of thought leadership activities, planned in partnership with our core advisory group.

Please note that we are looking for individuals to complete the questions on behalf of their organisations. If you feel that someone else in your organisation is better placed to answer the questions, we would be grateful if you could pass the form to them. 

If you have any questions relating to the survey, thought leadership activities, or how feedback will be used, please contact:

* 1. Would you like to add a company or project into our interactive map of companies and projects using artificial intelligence in health and care?