Mental health is integral to overall health, and recognised as being fundamental to growth, development, learning and resilience. Accordingly, the social, physical and economic environments in which people are born, grow, live, work and age have important implications for mental health.

The cross-Government Strategy No Health Without Mental Health (2011) set out ambitions for mental health to be given equal importance to physical health (‘parity of esteem’), and to become ‘everyone’s business to work in partnership to address the causes and consequences of poor mental health and promote mental wellbeing in populations.

While it is essential to provide high quality services for people experiencing mental health problems, and to ensure timely and equitable access to these services, it is equally important to prevent the onset of mental health problems and to support vulnerable people before referral to specialist services becomes necessary.

These are the fundamental reasons why the City of Wolverhampton Council and NHS Wolverhampton CCG have produced a Joint Public Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy.

The Strategy sets out the shared vision, aims and objectives for improving public mental health and wellbeing in Wolverhampton. It describes local prevalence, current provision and context of mental health problems and related risk factors. Importantly it tells you what is required to address outstanding need and informs you what we aim to achieve as outcome targets, which are in line with national indicators.

The Strategy is in draft form and we are seeking your views. This brief survey provides you an opportunity to shape our approach to public mental wellbeing. You can read the draft strategy here.
We look forward to receiving your thoughts.

Survey closes 04 September 2018.

For any enquiries please email

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* 1. Please select an option which tells us who you represent

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* 2. Does the strategy clearly set out for you the vision for mental wellbeing in Wolverhampton?

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* 3. The strategy incorporates many life factors that we label as wider determinants. These things are important to determining mental wellbeing i.e. housing, employment.

Are there any other wider determinants that you feel are essential to mental wellbeing that have not been considered within the strategy?

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* 4. This strategy does not seek to implement a new workplan, instead it aims to influence services and approaches that are already being delivered across the City. Many of these are not primarily seeking to improve mental wellbeing but through this strategy we aim to influence this so that mental wellbeing is a core consideration in delivery of services.

Therefore, the recommendations in this strategy reflect our intention to influence what is already happening and consolidating efforts across a range of key partners such as the Council, NHS and Clinical Commissioning Group.

Do you feel the recommendations adequately reflect the approach outlined within the strategy?

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* 5. Do you have anything further to add?