Ardenglen allocates houses in line with our Allocations Policy. Our current policy can be found on our website

Our Policy is guided by government legislation and is under review to take account of recent changes introduced in the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014.

As a result of legislative changes we MUST give reasonable preference to the following categories:

Homeless or threatened with homelessness and in unmet housing need

Unsatisfactory housing conditions and in unmet housing need (includes overcrowding, properties below tolerable standard, medical, harassment, social & support reasons)

Under-Occupying (tenant’s of social housing only who have an extra bedroom not being used) 

We have a duty to consult and take account of your views with regards to how we allocate our properties.  We have already met with our focus group who have assisted us in developing our survey your views along with the focus group will help to shape our new policy


If you require assistance to complete the survey or have any questions relating to our allocations policy review we will have staff available on :-

Tuesday 12th March between 5pm-7pm
Wednesday 13th March between  10am-12noon

We will publish a report on our consultation process which will be available on request and also on our website.

We will report on the outcome of our allocations review by writing individually to applicants and publishing the results in our summer newsletter.

Thank you in advance for taking part

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* 1. Please confirm if you are an

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* 2. Landlords must not take home ownership into account if the following circumstances apply

- Living in unsatisfactory housing conditions (below tolerable standard)

- The property is being occupied illegally (squatters)

- Owner is experiencing abuse from someone currently living in the property or someone who previously resided with them

- Medical/Health where there is a danger to the occupants and no
  reasonable steps can be taken to prevent this.

Should we consider home ownership in any of the other circumstances specified below?

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* 3. We accept homeless referrals from Glasgow City Council. People threatened with homeless also qualify for priority on our list. These applicants are likely to be in secure accommodation or applicants who are in tied accommodation (armed forces) who have been served with a notice to leave within two months. Do you agree that these applicants should be given the highest points available in our policy?

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* 4. In order to be considered for property condition points we intend to adopt the definition of  below "tolerable standard" this includes:

it has problems with rising or penetrating damp

it's not structurally stable (for example, it might be subsiding)

it doesn't have enough ventilation, natural and artificial light or heating
it isn't insulated well enough

it doesn't have an acceptable fresh water supply, or a sink with hot and cold water

it doesn't have an indoor toilet, a fixed bath or shower, and a wash basin with hot and cold water

it doesn't have a good drainage and sewerage system

the electric supply doesn't meet safety regulations

it doesn't have a proper entrance

there aren't cooking facilities – this doesn't mean the landlord has to provide a cooker, but there must be somewhere suitable for a tenant to install their own

Is there any additional property condition circumstances we should consider under this category?

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* 5. We currently award three levels of medical priority points which we would like to reduce to two to ensure that those most in need are given reasonable preference - the two levels would be described as 

(LEVEL 1) Applicant or member of household is housebound / cannot return from hospital / other emergency issue

(LEVEL 2) Applicant or household member has mobility problems or serious physical or mental health problems that severely restricts your daily activities and can only be alleviated by a house move.

Do you agree?

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* 6. Should we offer incentives to our internal waiting list (current tenants) in order to encourage them to free up our larger homes?

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* 7. If you answered YES to the question above what incentives should we offer?

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* 8. Overcrowding - up to what age should 2 children of the same sex share a bedroom?

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* 9. Overcrowding - Up to what age should 2 children of the opposite sex share a bedroom?

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* 10. ADDITIONAL BEDROOM - Currently we allow applicants to apply for an additional bedroom in the following circumstances. Please select the statement(s) you agree with and suggest any others

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* 11. ASPIRATIONAL MOVE -  We currently let a small number of homes each year to Ardenglen tenants who are seeking a move to their preferred house type (based on date of application and not points). This is to help maintain a stable community.
Do you agree this is a good idea?

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* 12. Landlords can suspend applicants in the circumstances below for a maximum period of 3 years. Please select the reasons that you feel warrant a maximum suspension

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* 13. Please select the categories that the association should seek supporting evidence in order to select points

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