Financial institutions face unprecedented data management and compliance challenges as they continue to grapple with multiplying CRS and FATCA related global tax transparency regulations.

How is your organisation coping and responding?

Your input in this short survey will help us to assess the challenges faced by financial institutions during the first year of CRS reporting obligations and to learn and share best practices to overcome them.

As a participant you will be first to see our analysis of the survey results, which you'll be able to use as a benchmark to better understand how your organisation’s experience compares to your industry peers, and plan ahead for future years.

* 1. Your name

* 2. Company

* 3. Your email address

* 4. What type of financial institution is your organisation?

* 5. Within what functional group is your role?

* 6. Where is your financial institution headquartered?

* 7. How many jurisdictions are you filing within? (select all that apply)

* 8. Which of these jurisdictions are you most concerned with? (select all that apply)

* 9. What are your biggest challenges ensuring FATCA and CRS compliance? (select all that apply)

* 10. What is your main resource for keeping up to date with compliance changes for FATCA and CRS?

* 11. What approach are you using to comply with CRS reporting?

* 12. When acquiring new automation technology concerning data, what is your organisations preference?

* 13. How has the amount of overall resources allocated to FATCA and CRS compliance changed as a result of CRS?

* 14. Do you have documented processes and procedures for FATCA and CRS reporting?

* 15. What type of solution(s) do you use to determine reportable accounts?

* 16. How much data remediation/manipulation do you have to do to your data prior to reporting your data?

* 17. How would you rate the quality of the data in your organisation?

* 18. How are you working on cleaning the data for this year reporting?

* 19. Following on from the previous question, what are the plans for next year’s reporting?

* 20. What other areas would you list as challenging in your broader compliance and information reporting activities? (select all that apply)

* 21. Are you concerned about CRS or FATCA non-compliance affecting your institution’s reputation?

* 22. What is your level of confidence about the accuracy of reportable account data in your system(s)?

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