A ‘Citizen-Science’ Assessment of the State of the World’s Wetlands

Wetlands across the globe are in danger. Estimates suggest that in some parts of the world wetland losses have been as high as 87% since 1700. The loss and degradation of wetlands causes impacts on human wellbeing and wildlife alike. The World Wetland Network ( and the Ramsar Section of the Society of Wetland Scientists ( have come together to gather and evaluate information from across the world and to lead a global assessment based on ‘citizen-science’ on the state of wetlands.

Please answer the questions on the basis of your own personal knowledge and opinion. All respondents are kindly requested to answer all the questions and optional ones – if you wish to provide us with any additional information.

We anticipate that the questions will take at most 20 minutes of your time to answer.
Your answers will be treated anonymously and in confidence

Please select a particular wetland you know about, and to which your answers refer.

If you wish to respond separately for more than one wetland, please complete a separate copy of the questionnaire for each wetland you have chosen.

Please also pass on a copy of this questionnaire to any of your colleagues or contacts you think would be interested in contributing to this knowledge assessment.

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