Directors of adult social services were clear at the start of the last financial year that 24% of planned savings in 2016-17 would come from cutting services or reducing the personal budgets of people who receive care and support (ADASS budget survey 2016). 

Community Care and the Care and Support Alliance, a coalition of over 90 of Britain's leading charities representing older and disabled people and their carers, are keen to hear from social workers about the decisions they are making about care in this financial context. 

This survey is aimed at adults' social workers currently practising in England and any other local authority social services staff whose role includes carrying out care package reviews. The survey takes approximately 5-10 minutes and can be completed anonymously. 

Any data provided will be held by Community Care and shared with the Care and Support Alliance.

* 1. What is your role? 

* 2. How many people do you have on your caseload?

* 3. What region of England do you work in? 

* 4. In the last 12 months, how many care packages have you reduced?
If your answer is 0, please skip to question 8. 

* 5. What is the most common reason you have had to reduce people's care packages?

* 6. In your experience of reducing care packages, which of the following areas of support have been cut most frequently? Please select a maximum of three. 

* 7. Can you give examples, from your professional experience, of where reducing a person's care package has had an impact on a person's health and wellbeing? 
This can include positive and/or negative examples. 

* 8. Please indicate how far you agree with the following statements.

  Strongly agree Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Strongly disagree Not applicable
Decisions about a person's care and support package are left to my professional judgement.
I am expected to reduce care packages because of cost pressures in my local authority. 
I am able to get people the care and support packages they need. 
I am confident that the reductions I have had to make to care packages are fair and safe.
I feel supported to have difficult conversations with people about changes to their care and meeting needs. 
Family and friends are being expected to provide more support to 'fill in' where care has been reduced. 

* 9. Are you aware of any reductions being made to care packages in your local authority without a review or reassessment?

* 10. Do you think there is the variety and quality of provision in your area for people to exercise genuine choice and control over the care they receive?

* 11. Does your local authority place any exclusions on what people can spend their personal budget or direct payment on to meet their eligible needs?

* 12. If you answered 'yes' to question 11, please give examples of what types of activities or support are excluded.

* 13. What do you think needs to change to improve care and support in adult services? 

* 14. Thank you for completing our survey.

If you would be willing to speak to a Community Care journalist or a member of the Care and Support Alliance about your experiences in more detail, please leave your name and contact details here. Your anonymity will be protected.