This autumn we're continuing our exciting project to explore the Future of Volunteering.

Picking up from where the first Action Team finished, we'll be exploring the question of whether if we structure volunteering more around flexible time bound tasks and activities it could make volunteering with NCT more accessible appealing and rewarding.

Leading this work will be a new Action team of volunteers and staff from across NCT. They'll be supported by our consultant Amelia, and Catherine our Volunteer Support & Development Manager.

The Action Team will be reaching out to people across our networks to hear their experience and views on volunteering. They'll help us make sense of what we hear and help set out a clear and shared vision for the future of volunteering. 

You can help by joining our Future of Volunteering Network and helping us make sure any new structures and roles are designed with the voices, needs and ideas of volunteers at their heart.

What we're asking for from you
- If we were to reach out to you, we would ask you about your experiences and opinions on volunteering at NCT
- What you share will be completely anonymous - we may share quotes and themes, but nothing will be personally identifiable to any one other than NCT and our research and design partner Hello Brave.
- You can let us know how you would like to be involved. This could be as simple as completing a survey, joining a small group conversation on Zoom or having a conversation directly with a member of the Action Team by phone and/or Zoom.
- Small group conversations or individual conversations will take no longer than 1 hr.

What you can expect
-  You will be directly inputting into what volunteering at NCT will look like in the future and its strategic direction.
- You will gain insight into our new approach to learning and design across NCT.

We want the Future of Volunteering Action team to be representative of the communities we serve and the communities we want to reach. Our goal with the Future of Volunteering is to create an environment where everyone, from any background, can be themselves and do the best volunteering of their lives.

We want to make sure we include people with a wide diversity of perspectives in this project, both on the Action Team and in the research we do across the network. If you are male or from a Black, Asian or ethnic minority group we would particularly encourage you to apply. These groups are currently under represented in volunteering with NCT and we want to start to address that. If you are Neurodiverse we also would really value your unique perspective as we believe this project offers an opportunity to make our volunteer roles more accessible to people with cognitive differences or specific educational needs.

If you're happy to speak to us, please fill out and submit this form. The information you share will help us make sure that we listen to and hear from the widest possible range of perspectives at each stage of the project. 
Important information:
NCT is registered as a controller with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office - registration number
Z7500160. We will use the personal information that you provide in this form in accordance with applicable data protection laws and our Privacy Policy. We will process your personal information in order to deliver this service safely and effectively, and where otherwise reasonably necessary for our purposes.

Question Title

* 1. Please let us know your name and how we can contact you

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* 2. How would you like to be involved? Please tick all that apply.

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* 3. What is your current role with NCT? Please tick all that apply.

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* 4. Where do you live?

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* 5. In the first stage of the Future of Volunteering project we heard about the different challenges that volunteers face depending on where they live. Please let us know if you have experience of working or volunteering to support parents in any of the following types of communities.

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* 6. How long have you been involved with NCT? 

Finally we would like to know a little more about you. This information will be used to help us make sure the Future of Volunteering involves people from a range of backgrounds. This section is optional and the information you provide will be kept confidential.

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* 7. Please let us know your ethnic group based  on the 2021 census.

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* 8. Do you consider yourself to be neurodivergent or to have specific educational needs?

Thank you for offering to be part of the Future of Volunteering Network. You will hear from us in early November once the new Action Team have been recruited and completed their training.