Findon Updated Neighbourhood Plan (Housing Site allocations)

Following the first ranking survey, a new location has been put forward as a future housing
allocation site by a local landowner; part of the paddocks immediately to the south of the
garden centre at Wyevale. This gives the opportunity to introduce a road which would link
the former allotments site and the Quadrangle, to the A24, via the existing access to the
garden centre. This would not be deliverable until after 2026 when the current lease to the
Wyevale Group expires and a replacement garden centre would be built, but that would be
within the time period for the Updated Neighbourhood Plan.
The three least favoured housing sites from the first consultation, by some way, are not
included, so you will be ranking just six housing sites this time.
There are two sites where there would be some benefit for the community arising from a
housing allocation; part of the field next to the Village Hall (known as the Monarch’s Way
field) and part of the former allotments site north of the Quadrangle. All the sites will have up
to 50% of dwellings, as affordable homes, in line with the new Draft South Downs National
Park Local Plan housing policy.
As with the first ranking survey, illustrative layouts for the sites and more detailed descriptions
of the proposals for each site can be viewed on the Findon Parish Council website or the Findon Village website
You can use the ‘survey monkey’ at for
your ranking, or you can hand in a completed paper form at the community store/post office
where further copies of the form will also be available. The closing date for the survey is the
31 December 2017. Individual members of a household can complete a survey form.

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