Feasibility Study - Feedback

As you know Leadhills Community Company Ltd has been carrying out a feasibility study into the viability of community ownership of the Stable/Garage Block in the village.

The first draft of the Feasibility study has been published on the LCC website and we would love to hear your views on what is proposed. It has been hoped to present the plan at a community meeting on 17 December but this has not proved possible.

Please read the report which has been based on the community survey conducted during October and early November and tell use your feedback through this survey form.

It is hope that a full business plan for the project will be presented to the LCCL Business PLan at the AGM on 15 January 2020.

Many thanks for your interest. 

The Board, Leadhills Community Company Ltd

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* 1. Do you support the community plan (Feasibility study) for the the purchase and development of the Stable/Garage Block in Leadhills? 

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* 2. Please write your feedback on the plan here or if you have any questions please post them here

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* 3. If you would like to get involved in making the plan for the village happen, please tell us how we can get in touch with you again, we will add you to or confirm you on our list. NB we have out AGM in January and will be looking for new directors so please let us know if you might be interested.