Background to the consultation

Falkland Islanders are being asked to comment on proposals to recommend three Marine Management Areas (MMAs) to Falkland Islands Government.  These areas include some of the Falklands most pristine and vulnerable marine environments such as around Beauchêne Island and the Jason Islands archipelago, and include globally important populations of the elegant Black-Browed Albatross and the charismatic Rockhopper penguin.  These areas have been aligned with current fishing closure areas so would have no impact on important fishing revenue to the islands, yet protect 24% of Falkland Island waters.
The Islands Plan (2014-18) has a commitment to ‘implement appropriate land and marine spatial planning networks to ensure the preservation and management of both the terrestrial and marine environments of the Falkland Islands’.
Following on from a two-year Darwin Plus-funded Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) project which completed in summer 2016, the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI) (on behalf of Falkland Islands Government), have been progressing marine spatial planning in Falkland Island waters, focussing initially on assessing current fishing closure areas against internationally recognised criteria for protected areas and then proposing best options for these Marine Management Areas based on underlying evidence and stakeholder recommendations from the earlier project.  The findings from this work are captured in the AFCAS report (Assessment of Fishing Closure Areas as Sites for Marine Management Areas in the Falkland Islands waters).
The consultation will run for over 7 weeks from Wednesday 15th March 2017 to midday on Friday 5th May 2017. We are interested to hear your views on the proposals contained within the AFCAS report which is available to download from the SAERI website (  Paper copies of the report and consultation response forms are available on request from the SAERI office (Stanley Cottage (North), Ross Road, Stanley).  Copies are also available to view at the Standard Chartered Bank (Stanley Branch), Stanley Post Office and other locations around Stanley (Please note, all responses must be submitted directly to SAERI).
Purpose of the consultation
We are requesting your views on the Assessment of Fishing Closure Areas as Sites for Marine Management Areas in the Falkland Islands (AFCAS). 
We are consulting on:
  • The results from the assessment of existing Fishing Closure Areas (FCAs) as a basis for proposed Marine Management Areas (MMAs);
  • The criteria/evidence on which the proposed MMAs have been identified;
  • The draft proposals for how the MMAs may be managed.

More information is available at: [ ]

For any queries, please contact Neil Golding, Marine Spatial Planning Project Manager:

Telephone: +500 27374

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