This survey has been put together by Fairness For All (FFA) - a group of people who like you, who have extras support needs and who have been affected by changes to support services e.g. social and health care and Benefit provisions. 
We previously conducted this survey in 2014 and are repeating this survey to see what has changed in that time.
This survey asks you to tell us about two very important things that may be affecting your quality of life.

In Part One, we ask you about people’s attitudes and behaviour towards you. In Part Two, we ask you how changes to services and Benefits are affecting your personal support and standard of living and in Part Three we'll ask you for some more information about yourself.

You should complete this survey if you:

• live in the Borough of Richmond AND
• you receive a disability-related welfare payment OR
• you receive social and/or health care community services OR
• you fund some or all of your own personal support.

You should also complete this survey if you rely on public services or benefits to manage one or more of the following life-limiting conditions:

- a long term mental health condition
-  a long term health condition
- a physical impairment,
- a sensory impairment such as blindness or deafness,
- a learning disability
- a chronic, age-related condition.
OR if you are a parent or guardian of a disabled child.
The results of this survey, but not your personal details, will be shared with politicians and the local health and social care authorities so that any further decisions they make will give due regard to the experiences of disabled people, older people and those with a life-limiting condition and the impact these have on their quality of life.
Your answers will be treated as private - they will not be passed on to your social worker, care and support worker or anyone providing you with a service. You will not be personally identified and your answers will not affect the services or benefits you receive.
There are THREE ways to complete this survey:

1. Online - continue to complete the survey

2. By telephone - please call our volunteer, Patty Lloyd on 0208 831 6413 on Monday or Thursday 9.30AM to 11.30AM

3. By post - If you are completing the survey as a paper copy please return using the FREE post envelope provided or post to us Ruils, DAAC, 4 Waldegrave Road, Teddington, TW11 8HT. If you would like a paper version please call 020 8831 6083.

If you get help from a friend or relative to record your answers, please remember that it is your views and experiences that are important to us, rather than those of anyone that helps you. The online survey will allow you to answer the survey in stages so that you do not have to complete it at the first attempt.

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