The 5127 Award (Award 1 of 6)

The 5127 Award celebrates determination and a 'never-say-die' attitude of mind. 5127 refers to the number of prototypes that Sir James Dyson completed prior to finally putting his first Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner on sale. The winner should demonstrate commitment, determination, vision and will-to-succeed. Cast your vote here.
The Candidates:

Reducing Retained Swabs - a maternity unit at Oxford AHSN has, over 2 years, reduced 'near misses' from 33% – 1%. Lack of communication at handover/transfer had been identified as a weakness leading to near misses and interventions were introduced to improve communication at handover from delivery suite to theatre and HDU. Only 1 near miss in 2 years and no retained swab incidents.

UHB Patient Safety Checklist - At UH Bristol an award-winning patient safety checklist piloted by the adult emergency department has been instrumental in producing significant improvements. A paediatric safety checklist has also now been developed and is being piloted.

Frailty Flying Squad - An MDT team at RUH Bath has reinvented itself as the Frailty Flying Squad to improve care for frail, older patients arriving at ED. Stationed at the entrance to the ED, the processes and pathways developed have made a hugely positive impact particularly through an emphasis on continuity of care.

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