* 1. Do you smoke?

* 2. Do you use the area in which the college has allocated for smokers? (Smoking Shelter)

* 3. If you answered 'No' in question 2 then why not? (Leave empty if this does not apply)

* 4. Have you ever considered stopping smoking?

* 5. Would you like the college to link in with services to help students/staff stop smoking?

* 6. We are considering creating a Clean Air Campus which means:

Only smoking in designated areas
Promotion of walking/biking/car sharing
Promotion of recycling
Committing to creating a culture and environment which is safe, provides clean air spaces for all and promotes healthy lifestyle behaviours.

Do you feel that you would benefit from having a Clean Air Campus?

* 7. Please let us know your Gender?

* 8. Please let us know your age?

* 9. What Campus are you based at?