St Athan Speeding & Road Safety Questionnaire

Having been approached by an increasing number of residents’ regarding concerns and complaints on the speed of traffic through St Athan Village, and in particular in the area of the zebra crossing, the St Athan Community Council are working with the Vale of Glamorgan Highways Department to review the current situation and to look for any solutions, should they be proven to be necessary.

To aid this exercise we very much would like to obtain more opinions from our community.  To help with our survey please would you answer the following questions and comment if you feel necessary.

Many thanks for participating in this survey.

* 1. Do you believe there is a problem with speeding traffic in the following areas - if YES in which area?

* 2. Do you think speed calming measures should be applied to any of these areas - If yes please indicate which ones?

* 3. Which speed calming measures would you support in these areas if they were feasible?  Indicate the ones you would support and the location?  i.e. Pelican Cross  d) Eglwys Brewis.

* 4. Have you witnessed or experienced an incident/near miss involving a vehicle in any of the above areas. If YES please indicate where, when and supply brief details.

* 5. Road Safety Section
Do you believe significant improvements are required?  Please indicate for which road users?

* 6. If you believe significant improvements are required please specify which of the below by supplying location.