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Help us to reach more people to support and participate in Voices of Latin America.
By reaching out to your friends, colleagues and the networks you belong to, you and they can become more than just donors. Your answers to the brief questions below will help you to become part of the Voices community - a live space to share and exchange ideas with the social movements of Latin America.

Voices is more than just a book -- it's an ongoing project for collecting and disseminating the voices of Latin Americans involved in positive social change across the region. They invariably think local but dream global -- and that's where we come in.

Thank you so much for your help!

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* 6. Are you a member of/subscriber to any networks or newsletters who might agree to circulate the Voices crowdfunding details? Please specify and indicate whether you or LAB should make the approach and who to contact.

* 7. Do you have any other suggestions for getting our appeal out to a wider audience?

* 8. Is there any other way you would like to be involved in the Voices project?

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