Thank you for filling in the Centre for Public Scrutiny (CfPS) annual survey of overview and scrutiny in local government. For 15 years, CfPS has gathered intelligence and insight on local government scrutiny, and wider governance issues, to support the sector and to better understand what improvements can be made.
Respondents to completed surveys will be entered into a draw; three names will be drawn, each of whom will benefit from a free ticket to our annual conference in December in London. 

This year the Government has published new statutory guidance on overview and scrutiny. This is therefore the time to be thinking and reflecting on the function’s effectiveness. A high response rate to this survey means that we will be able to provide targeted and relevant support to councils, councillors and officers that will help to capitalise on the opportunities arising from the guidance.

If you are the most senior officer with day to day responsibility for scrutiny, this survey will ask you a series of questions about scrutiny structures and process in your authority, before moving onto asking questions about scrutiny’s effectiveness. Your survey will take about 20 minutes to complete.

If you are any other officer or a councillor, this survey will just ask you about your perceptions of scrutiny and its effectiveness. Your survey will take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.

You don't have to finish the survey all in one go. You can leave this page, and return to your response later if you wish. However, if you wish to do so please ensure that you have agreed to accept cookies from this website. 

There are opportunities to provide us with additional information on your answers but you don’t have to.

This survey is only relevant to councils which have a scrutiny committee, and to councils in England and Wales. The survey does not apply to combined authorities (we are gathering information on CAs in a different way). This survey also does not apply to Police and Crime Panels or to Fire and Rescue Authorities.

IF YOU WORK ACROSS TWO COUNCILS, or IF YOU ARE A TWIN-HATTING COUNCILLOR (ie sitting on both a shire district and a county council) you can:
  • fill in the survey twice (which we would specifically ask you to do, if you are the most senior officer with day to day responsibility for scrutiny in these councils)
  • fill in the survey once focusing on the council you feel you know best
There is space on the last page of the survey for you to add any comments or information which you feel you aren’t able to get across by answering the other questions.

What will happen to this information?

Information is held on this platform, SurveyMonkey, in a way that is compliant with GDPR and other laws relating to the safe storage and use of personal information. By completing this survey you agree that:

  • We may use the contact details you provide to get in touch with you to ask about the answers that you give;
  • We will not use the personal information you provide for any other purpose;
  • Once analysis of survey data is complete the full data will be exported from SurveyMonkey (this platform) onto a spreadsheet which we will store on our own system. SurveyMonkey information will be deleted, and the personal data fields in the survey will be deleted on our own spreadsheet;
  • We will retain the remainder of the dataset (minus personal information) in order to carry out future longitudinal analysis.