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Creative Scotland has commissioned Culture Radar (working with Ruthless Research) to undertake a review of Fair Work, leadership, workforce and skills development for people working in the arts, screen and creative industries. 

So that Creative Scotland can inform its planning around Fair Work, leadership, workforce and skills development, we would like to understand:
  • How employers in our sector are implementing training and development opportunities currently
  • Who is delivering training and development opportunities across Scotland
  • How training and development needs differ across arts, screen and creative industries across Scotland. 
This mapping survey will inform the wider review which is being undertaken by Culture Radar on Creative Scotland’s behalf.   

We are keen to hear from:
  • All arts, screen and creative industries employers who deliver or buy-in training for staff
  • Sector support, development and representative organisations to deliver training and opportunities for their members, networks and the sector
  • Training providers or anyone else who provides training and development opportunities into the sector 
This survey will take around 5 minutes to complete, and it will be open until 30th September. 

In this survey we will ask you to fill in just one page of simple questions about your organisation and the opportunity that you provide.  If we get duplications, no worries, we’ll sort that out at our end. Feel free to forward this on to a colleague if they would be the best person to fill it in, or to someone else that works in the sector.  Information about data protection as it relates to this survey can be found in this linked document.

If you would like to complete the survey by phone or in a different format, please contact Ruth (ruth@ruthlessresearch.co.uk)

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