Welcome to our survey

Thank you for participating in our survey. This survey is intended to:

Gain a snapshot of what people know about the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) reforms now and how the changes brought about by the reforms have been experienced.

Look at how Parent Carers access services and support as carers.

Help Peterborough City Council Commissioning understand what support Parent Carers need and what impact the SEND changes are having.

The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.  

During the co-production of this survey parents/ partner agencies said parent carers may not want to be identified. To ensure this, the survey can be completed anonymously, with the last question being optional. Other questions are also optional for example the question regards household disability benefits.

We are aware some families have more than one child/ young person with SEND bearing this in mind we have adapted one section to enable you to add details of all your children/ young people on the same question.

The last question is only to gather contact details for parent carers who:

1.     Wish to be kept informed and see the results of the survey

2.     Want to be contacted so further concerns/ issues/ support needs can be raised.

The more information we gather to show trends the more we can demonstrate the impact changes are having on families, so please do take the time to complete as much of this survey as you can.

As you move through the survey, please click on the next button to move to a new page and at the end please click on the close/ end button.