New Surrey Performing Arts Library needs your support!

NewSPAL is a newly formed charity which is looking to secure the future of the Surrey Performing Arts Library by taking over its running from cash-strapped Surrey County Council (SCC).
Five of the seven trustees of NewSPAL are from user groups (the other two are from Making Music and from IAML, the association of music librarians), and this will be a charity overseen by users for users.
Our vision:
  • keep the entire drama and music collection together, including multiple sets, single books/scores, and other resources (e.g. DVDs)
  • find suitable premises to move the collection to (Denbies is too expensive)
  • purchase the IT system and online catalogue developed by NPALS (Nottingham Performing Arts Library Service) which allows users to see the collection and its availability 24/7 online, make reservations, pay, etc.
  • dedicated and specialist staff
  • opening hours and charges to be set - in consultation with users - at levels to allow the charity to break even
  • charitable fundraising for stock renewal and new investments
  • NewSPAL to break even through strong marketing within Surrey, but also beyond its borders, offering direct hiring
  • lower rates for Surrey residents/groups 
NewSPAL will have to make changes from the way the performing arts library is currently run, as it will have to become entirely financially self-sufficient within three years. 

But: no longer will the collection and service then be subject to the budget pressures of SCC which is splitting drama and music and moving them to two different libraries, where there will be no dedicated or specialist staff.
And who knows what SCC's financial woes will lead them to do with music or drama sets in two years' time when they have deteriorated badly because of lack of attention?
NewSPAL was formed by users because they want to create a more secure future for the collection.
But in order to get going, NewSPAL will need your help!

We need to demonstrate support from users - in general, for the idea of a user-led library and for our vision - to SCC, so that they will agree to hand over SPAL to NewSPAL.
But we also need to demonstrate that we can raise the £84,000 and the volunteer help needed to manage the transition (you can see our draft transition budget and other details here).
And we need to do this now by 25 April, in time for the Cabinet decision on 29 May. THIS IS A SECOND CHANGE FROM THE ORIGINAL TIMELINE, PLEASE NOTE!
So are you able to pledge support for NewSPAL?
There are several ways in which you can do that and any one of them will be a step towards securing this fantastic resource for many years to come.
Please tell us below whether you can pledge some time, some money, your voice or professional expertise or anything else. You are not making a firm commitment at this stage, but it is really helpful to know how much support we may be able to call on. 
Thank you!

* 1. Do you support NewSPAL taking over the running of the Surrey Performing Arts Library, with a vision as outlined above?

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* 3. I or my group can pledge.... (please tick all that apply)

* 4. I or my group can pledge money. (Please tell us how much, using whole figures and without a £ sign. We're aiming for £84,000... Thank you.)

* 5. If you have pledged help or money and/or if you would like to be updated on progress, please give us your name and email address.
NewSPAL will ONLY ever use your details to contact you about the New Surrey Performing Arts Library and you will have an opportunity to unsubscribe at any time.
NewSPAL is a registered charity in England and Wales, no. 1176729.