In the second half of 2017, a series of allegations brought to the fore the fact that our sector, like others, can suffer from abuse of power and sexual harassment and any tolerance of it. Anyone who is experiencing harassment at work is protected by law in the UK, but we know that the law alone is not enough.

FST has been working with sector partners and our members to support the development of shared policies and clear, practical guidance targeted on key areas of concern to our members. As part of this, we have set up this anonymous reporting form.

We acknowledge that people may find it difficult or will not want to report this type of behaviour and so this form enables members of the Scottish theatre and dance community to anonymously record this type kind of behaviour. Any information you provide will be collated and analysed to help monitor the prevalence of incidents across our industry in Scotland.

We have developed this form based on the anonymous reporting form used by Cambridge University.

For further information on work carried out by FST and a list of useful resources and links, visit the Combatting Abuse page on our website. If you would like to discuss this further, or if you have any comments or suggestions about the form, please get in touch with us on