Cardio Direct Patient Survey

* 1. Before you arrived at our clinic were you given all the necessary information you requested?

* 2. What was your overall impression of the reception/Admin team?

* 3. Did the Doctor, Technician or Nurse explain what would happen before performing the tests?

* 4. If you had a question to ask, did you get answers that you could understand from the staff member?

* 5. Were you treated with consideration and courtesy by the staff?

* 6. Did you have confidence and trust in the staff performing the test?

* 7. Before you left the clinic were you given all the information that you required?

* 8. Did the staff tell you how to contact us if you have any queries?

* 9. Did you feel you were treated with respect and dignity while you were at our premises?

* 10. If you had further contact with us id you receive all the help you needed?

* 11. Were you given enough privacy when discussing your test?

* 12. How well did we resolve any concerns you had during your visit?

* 13. Did you consider the premises to be clean and hygienic?

* 14. Did the staff was hands or use gel before doing your test?

* 15. How likely are you to recommend our clinic to friends and family?

* 16. Please give your overall opinion of the quality of our services

* 17. Please complete box below if you would like to tell us anything else or suggest areas for improvement