1. Introduction

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the FSRH Emergency Contraception National Benchmarking Audit 2018.

Please enter your audit figures into this online form by 30 April 2018. 

About the Audit
FSRH has developed an electronic tool (in Excel) for members to audit their provision of emergency contraception and the sexual and reproductive services they offer. This audit is primarily focused on those working in primary care but will be useful for those in specialist services, pharmacies and in voluntary agencies. 
Once the audit data has been submitted the FSRH member will receive a score by mid June which ranks their auditable outcome results with other services from the UK.
What you need to do
Before you continue with this survey, you will need to complete the 'Recording Sheet' tab in the FSRH Emergency Contraception Benchmarking Audit tool in Excel which can be found on this news story on the FSRH website.

Guidance on how to complete the recording sheet and contact details for questions are contained in the document.

When you have entered your data into the 'Recording Sheet' tab, the figures required for this following survey monkey form will be automatically calculated for you in the 'Figures for Auditable Standards' tab. Make sure you have these figures available before you proceed to the next page. 

Please note that only current FSRH members will be provided with the comparison data. You will be asked for your membership number so please have this to hand. 

Confidentiality and anonymity
We will ask you information about your service so that we can send your results to you. It will also enable us to perform more specific data analyses.

The information you provide will be kept confidential and secure. Each submission will be assigned an anonymous ID number; only the FSRH CEU Researcher (Dr Zhong Eric Chen) will have access to the completed data sheets. The information will be accessed from a password protected NHS computer and an encrypted password will be applied to all working documents.

Please enter your audit figures into this online form by 30 April 2018.