1. When performing immunofluorescence experiments, it is important to:

2. What are the benefits of using secondary antibodies for immunofluorescence?

3. Can you spot the correct primary + secondary antibody match used in this image?


4. What are the benefits of using primary antibody conjugates for immunofluorescence?

5. When you use a primary antibody raised in mouse in mouse cells you can reduce the non-specific staining by:

6. Can the F:P ratio (number of dye molecules per antibody) of your antibody can affect your immunofluorescence results?

7. In live cell microscopy decreased cell viability can be due to :

8. My Hela cells are happy …

9. Why is Alexa Fluor® 488 better for confocal microscopy to spectrally similar dyes:

10.  When designing a multicolor experiment you should: