Being regulated by the CLC is a sign that the practice is a specialist property lawyer who is bound by a Code of Conduct which sets out the regulatory responsibilities of all practices (and individuals) regulated by us.

The Charter will summarise for consumers what they can expect from a CLC licensed property lawyer in an easily digestible way to give them confidence and differentiate from other lawyers.

Practices using it will demonstrate they take the needs of consumers and their customer experience seriously.

The Charter will also highlight that CLC practices are specialists, giving reassurance to consumers and providing a point of differentiation

It should provide additional confidence to consumers in choosing to use a CLC property lawyer

The Charter will not replace the secure badge. It is not a regulatory requirement and its use cannot be compulsory. We believe practices will see the benefits of the charter and so want to use it.

You can see a copy of the draft charter here: Draft Customer Charter

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* What benefits would you see the Charter providing?

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* How should firms use the charter?

It is proposed that an emblem is developed that can appear on websites, at end of emails, on letterhead, in premises, on business collateral. For the first two, consumers can then click through to see the charter in more detail.

How would you wish to use an emblem and charter?

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* Taking it forward

We will be consulting on the charter until 28 February 2019.

Once the final Charter is agreed it will be shared with practices in advance of launch.

There will also be additional support and collateral provided to firms. This will be supported with a programme of trade and consumer PR.

Is there particular support you would like to see the CLC offer to promote the Charter?

The Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) Consumer Charter

This charter sets out what you can expect when instructing a specialist conveyancing or probate practice regulated by the CLC. 

Please let us have your thoughts on the statements

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* 1.       Your specialist lawyer is subject to robust regulation.

The lawyers in practices regulated by the CLC are specialist professionals who are required to act with independence and integrity and maintain high standards of work.

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* 2.       Your best interests are served.

The specialist lawyers working for you have a duty to act in your best interests.

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* 3.       The fees you pay are clear and transparent.

You have a clear idea on the fees you will be charged just by looking at a firm’s website. When instructing them, you receive comprehensive information about how much you are paying as well as details of the service they will provide.

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* 4.       Your client money is held separately from the practice’s non client-monies and is kept safely.

It is likely your lawyer will hold your sale or purchase money at some point. There are strict rules around how they do this to ensure that it is kept securely.

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* 5.       If something goes wrong, you are protected.

Regulation by the CLC offers high levels of consumer protection. Complaints about service must be dealt with promptly and fairly and all CLC-regulated firms are required to carry professional indemnity insurance. We also have a compensation fund as a last resort.

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Many thanks for taking part in our survey. Your views will help make sure that the Customer Charter works for CLC Licensed Practices.