St Columba’s Church Long Tower  Parish Questionnaire

We are delighted that you are a member of this parish.  As we face the future, with hope, it is important to hear your thoughts and ideas for the development of our parish. 

Our Purposes are:
1.  To renew and refresh continually the spiritual experience of the parishioners who attend our church regularly.
2. To reach out to those of our parish Family who do not join us for worship and prayer as frequently as they did in the past.
3. To be a welcoming community to all friends and strangers.

* 1. Is your faith important to you in daily life when you are making small and big decisions?

* 2. Would you attend talks about your faith?

* 3. What aspects of your faith would you like to learn more about?

* 4. What Mass do you normally attend at the weekend?

* 5. How could your prayer life be enhanced?

* 6. Are you willing to volunteer to help in outreach programmes eg St Vincent de Paul?

* 7. What do you feel we should prioritise in the parish as we try to help and support others?

* 8. If you are willing to give of your time to help and support in our parish and have skills, experience or qualifications in any of the above areas, please list below:

* 9. If you have indicated that you are interested in volunteering please give your contact details below.