* 1. With regards to each element below, do you feel that the information shared with you throughout the year has had a positive impact in supporting pupil progress and increasing attainment?

  Yes No
Target Grades
Specific Next Steps

* 2. Could you give some examples of the feedback you have received that enabled you to support your child's progress?

* 3. How have you used the information you received about your child's progress at home over the year?

* 4. How often have you and your child discussed their progress and learning?

* 5. In your opinion do you believe that discussions between you and your child about progress and learning have had a positive impact?

* 6. This year we introduced an online booking system for Parents Evenings.

* 7. Do you have any other comments you would like to share that you feel would improve the sharing of feedback on pupil progress that would help you support your child?