Welcome to the 2nd GAiT Quality Standards Survey (2018)

In order to progress GAiT planning, it will be crucial to gather information on each centre planning to produce iPSC lines under the GAiT banner.

The evaluator for your centre is asked to provide concise summary responses describing how their banks´ own activity meets the best practice described in the consensus guidance document ISCBI 2015. Get this document here or email Stephen.Sullivan@gait.global for a copy. (Each page of this survey shows the relevant sections of the document to read before answering the questions on that particular page).
The response can describe work under way to establish a system but it should be clear whether this is in process and not complete or yet to start.
Evaluators are encouraged to be accurate and realistic in their evaluations as they will be expected to discuss their responses in the GAiT forum and accurate assessments of stage of development will help to enable GAiT partners to show real progress over time.

If your centre is not yet actively generating iPSCs but are collecting cell and tissue sample you should only complete the relevant questions of the survey.
There are 5 parts to the survey:
(1) Donor Information and Donor Samples
(2) Preparation of induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
(3) Quality Control
(4) Safety Testing, and
(5) Characterisation
We estimate the survey will take 30-45 minutes to complete. We would like to receive in the text boxes, summaries of the procedures you have in place and don’t require long detailed descriptions or cut and paste protocols. Assistance is available by emailing Stephen.Sullivan@gait.global or phoning Landline: ++ 44 (0) 131 463 5500 Cell/Mobile: ++ 44 (0) 755 372 9707.

THANK YOU for making sure your centre has completed this survey before 31st October 2018.