RedbridgeCVS is conducting research on access to affordable nutritious food amongst local residents

This research project aims to explore:
1.      Experiences of residents of Redbridge in accessing affordable nutritious food in the borough.
2.      Factors that support access to affordable nutritious food and the different challenges that residents face in doing so.
3.      Actions that could be taken to ensure all Redbridge residents are able to access and enjoy affordable and nutritious food.  
The research is being conducted by RedbridgeCVS (an independent local charity). We are conducting the research on behalf of Redbridge Council.  Based on the findings of this research, an Action Plan will be developed and submitted to the Council. A multi-agency Steering Group has been set up to investigate access to affordable nutritious food in Redbridge and look at actions that can be undertaken by the Council and its partners to address it. We thank you in advance for your valuable feedback and time.

* 1. Which of these statements best describes the food eaten by you in the last 12 months? 

* 2. If your answers are 2,3, or 4, what are the reasons you do not always have enough to eat or not the kind of food you want to eat? 

* 3. Are there days when you don't have a main meal because you don't have enough money?

* 4. Where do you usually do your food shopping? Tick all that apply

* 5. How do you travel to the shops? (You can tick more than one.)

* 6. Do you have a kitchen or dedicated food area where you can cook a hot meal?

* 7. Which, if any, of these items do you have regular access to?

* 8. Do you feel that your food storage facilities, if any, are adequate?

* 9. If no, in what way are they not adequate?

* 10. Which of these statements best describes your cooking skills?

* 11. Do you and/or your family have access to free food?

* 12. If yes, from

* 13. Have you ever used a Food bank?

* 14. If you have used Healthy Start vouchers, do you have suggestions of how the service could be improved?

* 15. Can you think of any support that would help in reducing the barriers you are facing in accessing healthy and nutritious food in Redbridge?What sorts of local actions, services or projects would help you to manage better this situation?

* 16. Please could you let us know which age group do you belong to?

* 17. Do you have children below 18 years of age living with you?

* 18. If Yes, how many children?

* 19. Your gender

* 20. Your Employment status

* 21. Ethnicity

* 22. Do you consider yourself having a disability?

* 23. Your Religion

* 24. Do you live

* 25. Your Marital status

* 26. Your postcode/ward