Workshops and Clubs Survey

The Heath Robinson Museum, at West House in Pinner Memorial Park, will be offering a range of activities for children and adults, related to the artist William Heath Robinson, and to art, craft, invention and creativity in general.

This short survey is to find out what sort of workshops or clubs you would like us to provide on a weekly basis and when you would prefer to attend them.

(Please only answer questions on the group of events that you or your family are likely to use and tick as many boxes as apply to you, including when you would prefer to attend - in blue)

Thank you very much for giving us your views.

* 1. Pre-school (workshop type and timing)

* 2. 5-10yr old (workshop type and timings)

* 3. 11-14yr old (workshop type and timings)

* 4. 15-19yr old (workshop type and timings)

* 5. Adult (workshop type and timings)

* 6. Specific needs Groups (workshop type and timings)

* 7. Do you have any other suggestions for or about the Museum's activities?

* 8. Would you like more information about news or activities from the Heath Robinson Museum?