1. Introduction

Welcome to Future of Ghana's research study on 2nd generation British Ghanaians. This survey aims to build a profile of who 2nd generation British Ghanaians are, how they engage/wish to engage with Ghana and why. Our goal is to ensure that our collective voices are represented, which we hope will add to the diaspora conversation, help shape policy and contribute to Ghana's diaspora engagement efforts.

How is 2nd generation British Ghanaian being defined?
For the purposes of this research, 2nd generation British Ghanaian is being defined as:
  • UK born children of at least 1 Ghanaian born parent
  • Ghanaian born children of at least 1 Ghanaian parent and emigrated to the UK before primary school age (5 years old)
The survey will take between 7-10 minutes to complete.

Your responses are strictly confidential and will not be shared. Results will be analysed with data from focus groups and one on one interviews. (For more detailed information please refer to our Research Information Sheet).

Thank you for taking part in our study!

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