Front Line Genomics Best of 2017 Survey

The following questions are inspired by the most popular stories from 2017.  We'll be publishing a rundown of those stories, and we wanted to get your thoughts on some of the interesting questions they brought up, and the major themes that started to emerge. Your responses will go into making a nice infographic to run alongside the feature.

The questions aren't all about sequencers - if you don't want to answer a question, just skip it!

Thank you very much for your time and insights!

* 1. What area of genomics do you work in?

* 2. For which organization do you work?

* 3. Thinking of the broader public's awareness of genomics, what level of understanding do you think people have?

* 4. Are Python and R suitable for building commercial applications?

* 5. Whose machines are in your sequencing lab?

* 6. What do you value most in your sequencer?

* 7. What is the main barrier to adoption of whole genome sequencing in the clinic?

* 8. What will have the biggest transformative impact on the field?

* 9. When will genomic tools become fully integrated into day-to-day practice across all specialities within a hospital?

* 10. Which side of the CRISPR Patent War are you on?

* 11. What's the biggest barrier to getting genetic counsellors and genetic tests to those who need them most?

* 12. What's going to be the lasting effect of all the national-scale genome projects around the world?

* 13. Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing should be reserved only for those at risk of significant medical conditions and impairments.

* 14. 23andMe are...

* 15. What do you think will have the biggest positive effect for genomics as a whole?

* 16. What do biohackers represent to you?

* 17. If a patient's genetic test reveals that their relations may be at risk, whose responsibility should it be to inform direct relatives?

* 18. What did we learn from THAT off-target mutations CRISPR paper?

* 19. The age of GWAS is over.

* 20. How much of our genome is functional?

* 21. Do you agree with the court ruling on the Charlie Gard case?

* 22. What do you think will have the biggest positive impact on healthcare?

* 23. J. Craig Venter took some heat in September. What's your take?

* 24. Is anonymity something you can guarantee to participants of genetic studies?

* 25. Do we need to abandon hypothesis driven research to get the most out of big data?

* 26. How much data would you donate for research purposes?

* 27. Are bans against germline editing unnecessarily slowing down progress?

* 28. This year we were treated to live streams of biohackers injecting themselves with CRISPR solutions. What is the lasting effect going to be?

* 29. Will we see whole genome sequencing used as an all-in-one genetic test in the clinic?

* 30. What will be the lasting impact of Artificial Intelligence in genomics?

* 31. How awful was Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

* 32. If you don't mind us getting in touch about an interesting answer you've provided, let us know your name and e-mail address. This won't be shared, and is just for the purposes of following up to discuss a specific answer (you can even let us know if you WANT us to get in touch to take a conversation further).