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Thanks very much for attending the community masterplan event at the Livesey Hall on September 12 2019.

We'd love to have your feedback (even if you didn't attend the meeting) on the proposed designs to help us create a better future for Bell Green. We'd like to take this initiative forward to a consultation with Lewisham Council, landowners, leaseholders and TfL.

Please look at the drawings on the Sydenham Society website at and complete the survey below.

How much do you like each suggestion, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being a lot and 0 being not very much?

Question Title

* 1. Improved pedestrian crossings, traffic calming, wider pavements and street trees

Don't like it at all = 1     Like it a lot = 10

Question Title

* 2. Develop facilities for new and existing communities around the historic core of the Livesey Memorial Hall. These could include a café, children's playground, public gardens, sports facilities and a youth club.

Don't like it at all = 1      Like it a lot  = 10

Question Title

* 3. Should there be a new entrance to the linear park from Perry Hill (to the east of the bowling green)?

Don't like it at all = 1      Like it a lot = 10

Question Title

* 4. A new bus station with associated housing, retail and commercial uses located in the southern corner of the Sainsbury's car park

Don't like it at all = 1       Like it a lot =10

Question Title

* 5. Create a balance between pedestrians and vehicles, keeping them separate wherever possible

Not very important = 1       Very important = 10

Question Title

* 6. Should we integrate public spaces, landscapes and nature?

Don't agree = 1     Agree strongly = 10

Question Title

* 7. How much do you like the overall approach of the design?

Not very much = 1    Like it a lot = 10

Question Title

* 8.  Why did you give your response on number 7 above?

Question Title

* 9. What could be improved?

Question Title

* 10. Have you got any other comments?

0 of 10 answered