Your new hall, your unique space, in your town

Potton residents are asked to confirm their agreement for the final funding proposal for Potton Hall for All. Please answer both questions below and share your details to validate your response.*Please note that the submission of your contact details is mandatory. 
Consultation Questions (Please answer both questions):

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* 1. Are you in FAVOUR of Potton Town Council proceeding with the Potton Hall for All project?

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* 2. Are you in FAVOUR of Potton Town Council going ahead with the Potton Hall for All project if it includes an average council tax precept increase of £18.43 per year for the purpose of the loan repayment. This equates to an increase of 13.3%, out of a total proposed increase of 17.8%, which is the equivalent to an average of an additional £24.70 per year.

To allow eligibility checking please provide your name, address and postcode. If you do not provide this information, your response will be invalid. Consultation responses will be considered only from households in the Parish of Potton. Only 1 response to the consultation will be valid from each residence. In the event of multiple entries, the earliest response will count. A response will be considered spoilt if the counters are unable to determine your contact details.

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* 3. Please include your contact details here in order for your response to be verified:

Data protection statement: The way in which your data is handled varies depending on how you submit your response to this consultation, but all information submitted to us and our partners will be treated in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) principles. 

We collect your personal data as part of the consultation process because we need to check you are a resident in Potton parish and that we have received only one response per eligible household. We will only retain your personal data for as long as it is needed for the purposes of the consultation. Your data may be used by Potton Hall for All, Potton Town Council and Keystone for the purposes of verifying your response eligibility.

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* 4. Email address: If you wish to be updated about the project in the future, please provide your email address which will be securely kept in accordance with data protection principles

Thank you for sharing your views, please click the 'Done' button below to submit your consultation response.