Since the beginning of lockdown, the BID has been helping businesses across the town with vital support and advice. Our PR and social media campaigns have continued in order to keep the town’s businesses at the forefront of the community’s minds, which is now more important than ever as we enter the recovery phase.

As a BID Business, we would appreciate you taking a couple of minutes to answer the following questions to help us understand what is important to you as the town comes out of lockdown.

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* 1. Pre-lockdown many businesses told us which BID activities were most important to them. The top 5 are listed below in order of priority at that time.

Can you confirm your current priorities by ordering the list below?

1 being your top priority and 5 being your lowest priority.

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* 2. Post lockdown we know that your priorities may have changed.  Are there now additional activities/projects you would like the BID to prioritise?  If there are please share your ideas:

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* 3. When many of you completed the BID reballot surveys in Feb/March, prior to lockdown, 85% of you told us you would vote in favour of a 2nd BID Term (2021-2026).  How would you be likely to vote now?

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* 4. If you have any other comments or considerations for the BID Board please let us know here.

Thank you for completing the survey.  Your feedback is appreciated.
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