Unite is the sole signatory the UKDCA agreement, which covers most of the major drilling companies in the North Sea. 

In 2019 the organising efforts of Unite members the saw an end to the 5 year pay freeze and members won a 2 year pay deal worth 5%. This was down to massive increase in union membership and crucially, participation in the campaign across all companies and rigs. 

It is now time to build for the 2020/21 pay claim. We want to hear from YOU on what you wish to see included in this.

It is imperative that we share this survey with colleagues to ensure we have as wide a range of views as possible. 

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* 1. Contact Info?

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* 2. What UKDCA company do you work for?

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* 3. In order of importance, rank these issues (1 being most important, 5 being less important)

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* 4. If you rank a percentage pay rise as a key issue, what level of percentage rise would be acceptable to you?

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* 5. Holidays;

Offshore holidays have been a point of contention for a substantial period of time. Unite is seeking a fair and consistent approach from all employers that recognises  the unique nature of offshore holidays but allows our members a suitable level of flexibility.

Please indicate below which statement reflects your experience of offshore holidays

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* 6. Following discussions with our UKDCA reps it has been suggested that workers would like to see enhanced redundancy terms.

Many companies only provide the statutory minimum. Whilst no one wishes to be in a redundancy situation we must ensure our members have the best possible protection, should one arise. 

Is this a concern for you? If so, what would a reasonable position be?

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* 7. Please use this space to tell Unite anything else relating to your terms and conditions that you feel is important

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* 8. Union membership;

Please answer below

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* 9. Union power comes from high membership density and high membership participation. Please indicate below if you can help Unite build this campaign

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