The West Wales Regional Partnership Board has commissioned the CVCs in the region to carry out an assessment of the capability and resilience of the sector to deliver key preventative services that will help people live independently for longer in their communities.

The scope of the work includes advocacy, befriending, community transport, information and advice, and practical assistance, such as adaptations, shopping, respite care, gardening, dog walking, meals-on-wheels, etc.

We need to collate information about the services that are currently delivered, how they are funded and how secure they are for the future.  We are also interested to know what support is needed to maintain and expand third sector delivery and what the barriers and enablers are to collaboration and service transformation.

As a first step, we ask you to complete the on-line survey below.   You may find it useful to refer to your financial accounts and monitoring reports in order to complete the required information.  If you would prefer talking to us rather than completing the on-line survey, please contact your local CVC.

Thank you for your support.